Establishing a writing practice: The Write Channel “How to write a novel” course

Writing Tips – How to Engage the 5 Common Senses

Did you know you can teach your child the art of creative writing using every day life experiences? Use this article to teach your child how to write a better composition. Getting involved will not only help, him write better, it will also help you bond.

Character Development – How to Create Opposing Characters For High-Action Fiction

If characters drive action in your book, doesn’t that mean you need strong, capable, and fully-developed characters? Of course, you design powerful characters to ignite the power of action in your book, but your characters must evolve with the actions they take. There are specific steps to generate high-action characters, and I’ll reveal them here…

Writer’s Block Is Not the Worst Thing That Can Happen

Self-doubt for a writer can be crippling. It starts as a small little voice that grows into a negative voice track that is on a loop, shouting in your head.

Where Writers Find Inspiration And How To Apply It

Writer inspiration comes from a wide variety of places, and the application of inspiration brings on great satisfaction. So how about a little inspiration… Where will you find it? How will you apply it? Here are three great ways to find and apply inspiration that is available to anyone, almost every day.

How To Choose A Kindle Genre To Write In

Have you ever worked in a job where you counted down the hours till you could get home? Where every ten minutes seemed like an hour? As a writer, picking the wrong genre can result in the same feeling, and that’s probably the most detrimental feeling to struggle with when trying to complete a book. Here’s a few tips on how to keep the spark alive in your writing by choosing the right genre to write in.

The Mysterious Note Under The Closet Door – Part One

Jim is intrigued when he notices a letter that has apparently been slipped under the door, eerily this is the door leading to the closet. The evening becomes even more frightening when he opens the envelope and reads the terrifying letter inside.

Self-Publishing Advice: How to Write and Self-Publish Your First Romance Novel

Do you love to read romance novels? Have you ever thought, “I could write one of these.” Or, “I’d love to try writing one.” Well, you can. Following are the exact steps I took to write and self-publish my first romance novel (and almost 30 more since). You can do this!

BADARII – A Thriller, Short Story

It is rumored that whoever goes there never comes back… It is rumored that it was cursed some 100 years ago… It is rumored that the natives were transformed into mysterious creatures… It is rumored that they still haunt that place. But they also say that some ten years ago, Mr. Roger David was the last person seen around that place and that recently, five people had gone there to search for him, but never returned.

Seven Secrets of Successful Writers

Let’s face it! In today’s technologically advanced society, the desire to succeed is universal. Everybody wants to be successful. Not just successful in life in general, but successful in all aspects of life; love, sex, family, and especially our chosen means of livelihood, our profession. You know exactly what I mean. I’m talking about that thing we all have to do, wake up every morning, and go to work. Work is essential if we are to make a living and take care of all aspects of our lives. Yet, though we all have to do it, we all don’t necessarily enjoy going to work. The ancient Chinese philosopher, Confucius, came up with a solution to this whole paradox. He said: “Find a job you enjoy, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” But how do you go about doing that?

Gremlins and Ghosts of the Past Can Keep You From Moving Forward

I love writing, as I am sure you do too, yet the inner critics put their hooks in and it takes me forever to get started most of the time. Those gremlins from the past wrap their gnarly ghost-like fingers around my brain and I struggle with getting started on my writing projects…

Pen or Computer: Which Is Better for Creativity?

For writers of the imagination, what we fear the most is a disruption, a blockage, a sudden dam that changes the course of the river of creativity. Back in the late sixties and early seventies when technological innovation began to creep into the public consciousness, I shunned all the so-called marvels of computers when it came to my writing process. As a novelist, I feared that switching to these new fangled machines might somehow inhibit my ever-reliable muse, but what I feared most was a disruption of my creative process, a drastic change to my internal thinking patterns that would inhibit my imagination. A strange new means of composition at the time, the computer seemed an intrusion or, at best, an unwelcome detour on a well-traveled road to storytelling.

4 Valuable Tips To Help You Write An Engaging eBook

An eBook is an electronic version of a traditional paperback book that can be in any genre – romance, thriller, business, culture and more. You can use a personal computer to read an ePub or PDF file. To add, you can use a portable eBook reader such as Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Pocketbook to read your eBook. If you ever dream about being a published author, then now is the time because there are many new tools and platforms making self-publishing easy.

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