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Autobiography Writing

The art of autobiography writing is something most people aspire to undertake, but few are experts at writing an autobiography. Most of us feel that our lives have been worth putting down on paper and leaving it as a legacy for others to read. That is fair enough; we go through the vicissitudes of life with a diverse perspective, undergo distinctive experiences, and react in your own special way to the challenges we face.

Writing an Autobiography

Writing an autobiography is a worthwhile pursuit. Although writing an autobiography can be a tedious process, it can be eased by working with a ghostwriter who can turn your memories into a written legacy for future generations. Autobiography ghostwriters have many tips they can share, and some are shared below.

Book Writing Services

Book writing services can give your book ideas a form. Many people want to write a book, but not all have the experience or the time for writing a book. That leaves them with options either to forget their aspiration to author a book or turn to professional assistance.

Book Writer for Hire

It is quite a commonplace practice today for people to look for a book writer for hire since they have a vision of producing a book but lack the time and professional know how to do so. The hired book writers are also called ghostwriters; an apt term, because they are fully equipped to take the book from its stage of its concept to completion without claiming any credit for having done so. In fact, the client is hardly jostled by the rigors of the process of writing and publishing the manuscript.

Book Writers for Hire

The demand for book writers for hire is long standing. Book ghost writers rooted in the canonical works of ancient history. Ever since then, the idea of ghostwriting has been gaining recognition in every forte of book writing.

Monsters – What Defines A Monster?

I set out to find a better definition of ‘Monster’. “A person of inhuman cruelty or wickedness” yes, that sounds right, but wait, is everything that is inhuman (not human) therefore a ‘Monster’?

The Last Vampire

A short story that has been included in an anthology. It’s the tale of the very last vampire ‘alive’ (undead?) and what happens when a journalist interviews him.

Ghost Walking – A Short Story

This is a short story I wrote, based on local history in my town. There have been a number of historical discoveries over the years and one – a musket ball found embedded in an ancient wall – inspired this story.

When Is The Best Time to Write?

Well, there is always been a big debate amongst creative people, especially writers and artists. They ask themselves when is the best time of day to do your best creative work, to stay in the creative flow, and to produce excellence? And what if the best time of day is actually at night? Why might I bring this up? Well, it happens to be 2:38 in the morning right now, and I am busy writing. Indeed, I suppose I will finish my writing sometime around 4 AM.

How To Use Descriptive Writing Effectively

Descriptive writing adds necessary interest to all writing, but how much can you add without overdoing it? This article discusses why adjectives and adverbs are still necessary to add colour to your writing, but shows how to keep these descriptive words in balance.

Does Your Brain Ever Stop Working? Here Are 3 Ways to Generate Fresh Ideas

Does your brain ever just stop working? Right when you need inspiration – for sizzling, compelling ideas for your blog, your website, for a new video, a tele-class, or autoresponder emails – you find that minutes, even hours go by, and nothing comes. All that’s happened is that little Zen Garden on your desk is full of meticulous wavy lines, you’ve wished happy birthday to 10 people on Facebook, and your tummy is rumbling. Ready to shift that?

How to Write an Article Outline

Writing a great outline is essential to getting an editor to even look at your article. So what should you put in an outline?

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