How to write a novel using microsoft word

How To Write A Book That Is More Than Just A Book

Pick an universal theme, any universal theme, and run with it. Never stop running. When trying to decide what exactly makes a theme universal, think about it like this; can this make anyone, anywhere feel something? Will this resonate with my readers on a deeper level? Is this a generally relateable topic?

Author Tips – Are You A Fiction Or Non-Fiction Writer

Writing is an art and one that should always be treasured, by writer and reader! Are you a fiction author, or a non-fiction author, or both? This is my next author tip. You need to determine what kind of book you desire to write. I write both now. It was not always that way.

How to Write Poems Like a Pro

Anyone can write a poem. But how do you write like a pro? This article will explain how you can write poems like a pro!

Analysis of Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie

This is an analysis of Salman Rushdie’s Novel: Midnight’s Children. This novel is set on the backdrop of India attaining Independence. Rushdie uses the technique magic realism, The analysis is done using the themes of Existentialism, Psychoanalysis, Marxism and Postmodernism

Evolution Of Drama

This essay traces the evolution of drama. The history of drama starts with Greece and then goes on to Shakespearean plays and then further to modern and postmodern theater. From Greeks we have the concept of tragedy and catharsis and from Shakespeare we have dramas portraying courtly customs and intrigues. The post modern shift focuses on major themes of humanism and existentialism.

Contextualizing Irony

There are many types of irony like verbal, cosmic, historic and dramatic irony. I have done here is to contextualize irony into literary, cultural and philosophical terms As literary irony it probes the contents of human existence. As cultural irony it examines its underpinnings in culture and as philosophy it traces the problems related to meaning and existence.

Mystic Realism A New Genre of Poetry

Mystic Realism is a new Genre of Poetry. On the one hand tropes are rendered with lush imagery and on the other making meanings transcendental. Imagery is the visual element and ideas the spiritual character,

Tradition And Change In Literature

This article examines tradition and change in literature. The various phases of literature like ancient, realist, modern and postmodern are explicated, The article examines the style and content of literature during its various phases. From scriptural texts to modern novels, the article traces an evolutionary content

Conventionalizing Tropes

This essay deals with the various categories of figures of speech. Tropes can be categorized into literary, philosophical, political and psychological tropes. An effort was made to analyze tropes in various categories of thought.

An Essay on Reality, Writing and Art

We all dream when we read a good fiction and fantasy book. What is it like and where does it take us. And in saying this, how important is the artist for society, its dream makers?

The Ocean

The Awesome Wonder of God is visible to the eye. All things were made by him.

Writer’s Cramp Solutions – Fabricating A Story From Facts

Material for engaging stories are all around us. Recognizing them and acting upon them is what distinguishes a writer.

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