How to get published part 2: Getting published with a smaller or independent publisher

Tips On Writing – Treating Writing Like a Job

Often, people sit in awe of those who create anything on a regular basis, as if some magical power were involved. In truth, the only power is perseverance. When anyone dedicates themselves to writing, doing it regularly is the key to success.

How to Write a Dark Story

The best way to write dark story is in a dark setting. Choose a lonely place where you can have no interference from the city lights, traffic and sounds. It should be a quiet place with only scenic view around and in front of you. The best stories ever produced are written by people while they were in prison or who had abandoned the world for some time.

How to Buy Unique Content for Websites

When someone builds a new website, the primary motive of your website is to provide fresh content to the viewers. However, getting fresh and unique content to publish on your website is a hectic job. Most website owners often fail to update new and fresh content on their websites.

The Seven Forms of Love

Plato, the Greek philosopher, wrote about seven forms of love. These forms are useful for creative writing because of the clear variations between views on the subject.

How to Get Over Writer’s Block When Half Way Through Your Novel

My initial suggestion is this: write the first draft of your novel in a relatively short concentrated space of time. I suggest six weeks maximum. From my experience, you make yourself vulnerable to writer’s block if you take too long to complete that first draft. Easy to say so, you may respond; what if the writing of your novel must be fitted in around a full-time job? What if there are many interruptions, and it’s difficult to keep up the momentum of the writing?

Why Sci-Fi Is Crucial – There Is Everything We’ve Already Done, All That’s Left Is Science Fiction

Not long ago, I was having a philosophical argument with an acquaintance, and I asked her if she believed that science fiction writers were more intelligent or smarter than the writers of other fictional works. Specifically, are our sci-fi writers smarter than let’s say detective mystery writers, spy novelists, or other intensely complicated genres?

A Few Tips On How to Avoid the Use of Because

You should avoid the use of because; because there are many other words you can use, that will make you sound much more articulate than because. If you say because over and over again, the only thing the reader will be aware of is because – it will stifle your argument and it is at the top of the list of things you should avoid in your academic work. Because, because can drone on and on.

Female Heroines: Is Kick-Ass Compatible With Kleenex?

For a long time guys got all the glory in fantasy, action, and adventure books, but recently female characters (and writers) have been fighting their way to the forefront of these genres. This is a terrific trend-so long as we’re not doing it by simply slapping heels on our heroes, renaming them heroines, and calling it a day.

How to Plan and Write a Novel

Writing a novel doesn’t have to infuriating. It doesn’t have to seem dreadful, or even difficult. If you’re wanting to know just how to write a fiction novel without losing your mind, read on. I have developed and finished a novel, and am currently working on a another. This doesn’t necessarily make me a first-class author by any means, although the process did give me some insight that could possibly be useful for others. In short, listed here are a few key points to keep in mind if you begin composing your novel.

Short Science Fiction – Do We Need More Positive Sci Fi Writers?

A couple of weekends ago, I was doing my writing and watching the Sci Fi Channel in the background – it was announced that it was “Disaster Weekend” on the Science Fiction Channel. Okay so, they played back-to-back dooms day scenario movies. One thing occurred to me as I got to the fifth or six movie; they were basically all the same you see.

Tense Use in Your Introduction

Your introduction is like a map. It clearly points your reader in the direction you will be taking them, within the structure of your essay. It is also a formal introduction, a ‘Hi how do you do.’

How To Write A Love Song (In Ten Easy Steps)

Did you find that perfect girl, but aren’t able to figure out how to let her know how you feel? We’ve got just the thing! You’ll learn 10 easy steps you can take to writing the perfect song to get the girl. This also works if you’re a girl and you want to write a song for a guy!

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