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From Wannabe to Writer

This article explains to the wannabe writer how to actually become a writer. It shows that you need no special tools, just to sit down and write. It also shows how emotion can bring a piece of writing alive for the reader.

Unplug and Write

A few weeks ago, I was speaking with a fellow author about writer’s block. She said she didn’t know what was wrong.

How to Find Writing Inspiration

Meditation can calm your mind and ideas can just flood in. Your “muse” can fill you with just the inspiration you need. Just follow these easy steps.

Did You Remember to Say Thank You?

How do you express gratitude for gifts received? Are handwritten thank you notes a throwback to a gentler era or do they still have a valuable part to play in today’s materialistic society?

The Power of Saying Thank You

How well do you understand the power of saying thank you? Do you take the time to express gratitude for small kindnesses shown to you every day? Find out how to leave the right impression every time, with an appropriate thank you.

April Is National Poetry Month: 8 Reasons to Write, Share and Celebrate

Do you have a favorite poem or poet that rises above all others? How do you commemorate your favorite poem or poet? Since 1996, National Poetry Month has been celebrated during the month of April. Here are 8 reasons to write, share and celebrate poetry.

Character Creation – The Most Interesting Fictional Characters Of All

The success and the longevity of a great novel does not lie entirely in the hands of its hero. Many of my favourite novels come with a surprise gift – the character who is most interesting of all, who is not the main protagonist. This is the character you wonder about later, the character that seems to step outside the story and comment on it, or the one whose dilemma is never really solved by the outcome of the plot. This character may be the one who highlights the theme by negating it.

How to Write Children’s Books

For some writing is the most difficult operation in the whole wide world. There are many spirited people with such delightful stories to tell, but feel that putting pen to paper is the most tedious and most challenging duty of all. Well, here are some tips that will wake up a new you.

Guide to New Creative Writers

A lot of creative writers entertain the idea of getting writing awards to take credit of how beautiful and informative their creation is. Aside from the fact that they make money writing different types of stories, getting awards will make them more popular. Isn’t it nicer if you will work for your own benefit? You will be your own boss. No deadlines to beat, no stressed days to endure. What is nice about being a writer is that you are given the chance to share your own thoughts and ideas to the world and get remarkable comments from your readers.

Tips for Creative Writers

Creative writing as a discipline demands not only talent but also persistence. This means that those aspiring to be creative writers must work hard to hone their craft. Beginning writers will do well to follow several tips that will not only improve their writing but also enhance the way that they perceive the world, which is useful for any kind of artistic discipline.

Tips On Writing – See What’s There

One issue that many people face when they first start exercising their creativity is the difference between describing what is there and what they think is (or should be) there. In drawing, one of the first things you learn is to observe and draw what is actually in front of you. In writing, this exercise is just as important.

Three Types of Stories – The Sublime, the Grotesque, and the Boring

Recently I woke up early in the morning to find someone had published a pornographic story on my Facebook account using School Feed. It was embarrassing since the story had my picture next to it. Initially the pornography upset me; but as I pondered the subject I saw a real chance for a writing lesson.

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