Fan Fiction – How to Start

Fiction writing is a fun and exciting hobby. It can be very rewarding if you know what to do. There are many different ways that you can go about it. This article will give you some of the basics that you need to know to get started.

What is Fan Fiction?

Fan fiction is any fiction written by fans for fans. The term was coined by a fan named Felicia Day. She is a popular web star and writer. She wrote a series called Geek and Sundry. Her character, Felicia Day, is an actress and a writer. She plays the role of a geek in her show. In the show she often has to write a script for a scene. Many of her fans have taken up the hobby of writing fan fiction based on her characters.

How to Write Fan Fiction

Fan fiction is a lot like writing your own story. You need to start with a plot. The plot is what makes your story unique from other stories. Then you need to fill in the details of your story. For example, if you want to write about a girl who has a crush on a boy, you need to think about how the boy acts around her. Is he shy or does he make jokes with her? Once you know this, you can fill in the rest of the details.

You can also use other people’s characters as inspiration for your own characters. If you want to write a story about a vampire, you can use a vampire character that you like and make it your own.

Fan Fiction Writing Prompts

There are many different ways that you could start a fan fiction story. Some of them are listed below.

1. What if…

This is a great way to start a story. All you have to do is imagine what would happen if something happened. For example, what if a boy kissed a girl and then she died? Would he ever find out what happened? Or what if a girl got a new pet, but it turned out to be a snake instead of a dog? These are just two examples of what if questions.

2. A character’s thoughts

Write a story where a character thinks about something. Maybe he is thinking about his favorite book or maybe he is thinking about a new song. Whatever the topic is, you should be able to write about it.

3. An idea

Write a story based on an idea. For example, if you were a kid and you wanted to be an astronaut, write a story about it.

4. A dream

Write a story about a dream that you had.

5. A movie

Write a story based off of a movie. For example, if you liked the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, write a story about a girl who likes a guy, but doesn’t tell him because she knows he will break up with her.

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6. A song

Write a story based of a song. For example, if you like the song “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, write a story about a girl in love with a guy who loves a girl who hates him.

7. A book

Write a story based from a book. For example, if you read the book “The Fault in Our Stars”, write a story about two kids who fall in love.

8. A character

Write a story based around a character. For example, if you love the character Harry Potter, write a story about him.

9. A situation

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Write a story about how a situation develops. For example, if you are watching a movie and the main character dies, write a story about how the other characters deal with it.

10. A place

Write a story about where you live. For example, if you live in New York, write a story about a family who lives in New York.

11. A time

Write a story about when you lived. For example, if you lived in the past, write a story about a person who lived in the past.

12. A situation

Write about a situation. For example, if you saw a fight between two girls, write a story about it.

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