How To Find Your Writing Voice

Revisiting Your Writing – Bringing Writing to Perfection

If you have ever written any piece of work; be it a poem, an article, a story, a novel, a psalm or just a thought, each of your works as a writer must always be in a state of improvement. It is amazing to have been published, but more importantly if you have not published the work yet there is opportunity to always improve the work over and over again. As many time as you get to improve your work, you make each word earn its place in your piece of work to give credence to the message.

Is Writing About Your Readers?

Writing isn’t about you, the author. Writing is about your readers. This selfless attitude increases our creativity as we write words in imaginative ways to impress our audience.

Do You Want To Know How To Become A Freelance Writer?

Becoming a freelance writer is not as hard as many people think. You do not need any type of formal credentials, just the ability to write good content. Article writers are in heavy demand with companies that need to put out press releases and articles to drive traffic to their websites. Find out more about this unique lifestyle that is waiting for you.

Can You Become An Article Writer?

So many people yearn to become article writers. A lot of people think that the people who write articles need to be English professors. Quite the contrary, they are people that like to read and write. Most of them do not necessarily have any type of journalism degrees either.

5 Tips for Inspiration

Great art inspires me, especially when looking at some awesome nature photos. That’s why I love photography. One of my passions is music education and teaching children to play the piano. Are you online managing your own website or blog? What is the source of your inspiration to write posts for your readers? Because I like to teach, I think there is a feeling that comes over me, a need to share what I know with others.

Making Bonds With Words

Content writing is a creative skill that takes a lot of patience and discipline to master and take advantage of. Once perfected, this is one skill set that can take you places.

5 Tips to Write A Great Sex Scene

This article if from my blog The Word. It offers 5 tips on writing a more engaging sex scene in your fiction.

5 Creative Writing Prompts to Break Your Writer’s Block

This article offers 5 creative writing prompts to demolish writer’s block. This article is from the blog The Word.

3 Techniques to Proofread Your Story

After I complete a story, I just want to be done. Don’t you? I mean, to develop a story from mind to paper takes time and after spending a lot of it you want to kick your feet up and move on. You figure to have someone else proofread your story, since you’ve heard that it is better to have a fresh pair of eyes look at your manuscript.

The Best Prompts for Creative Writing

The best prompts for creative writing are a great way to cure writer’s block and continue following the discipline with zeal and excitement. These prompts are designed in a way to pull you of the darkness of blank paper and inspire you to write with a hint of difference.

How to Hire a Ghost Writer

Knowing how to hire a ghost writer can determine the success of a novel, book, screenplay, song, book, or an article. It is very vital to know the essential guidelines on how to hire a ghost writer, in order to achieve highest quality of writing while maintaining the credit and rights for the writing with you. Most often, the writers are hired by people who have the concept, idea or experience that is worth sharing with the world in the form of a book, article, novel or screenplay.

It’s Not What to Write, But How To Write That Matters Most

Most new authors are victims to the dream of just writing a book and immediately selling it for lots of money. Nice dream, but not likely to get published. It’s not what you write, but how your write that matters.

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