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“Writers’ Block” – What Is It and Can It Be Cured?

Whether your are a master writer or a newbie writer, ‘writers’ block’ will no doubt become well-known to you as you journey though the creative process. So what is ‘writers’ block’ and can it be cured?

Postmodern Philosophy

Postmodernism marked a radical shift in emphasis from Modernism and it became a visible happening in Literature, Art, Philosophy and Architecture. One of the things that characterize postmodernism is the breaking down of ground between high culture and low culture. Postmodernism is oriented towards the democratization of collective consciousness and also postmodernism signifies the triumph of individuality.

Church Comedy Skit Writing: A Joke Writing Technique

Writing funny lines for comedy church skits used in church worship services involves more than creative inspiration. Here’s how to create a list of words and write one-liners that break up a congregation in laughter.

We Need a Little Christmas – Why I’m Working Hard to Make This the Best Christmas Ever

Sometimes we need a little Christmas. Get started now to ensure this Christmas in this year of general dismay and gloom is the best ever. We need it – for the good of home, hearth, soul, and, yes, the economy.

Theoretical Tools for Post Colonial Literature

There is a mass of writing about Post Colonial Literature. But what is lacking is suitable methodological tools. From my reading of Literature, I have culled certain tools for analyzing Post Colonial Literature.

Was That a Yak?

Someone once told me, “If I couldn’t drive, I would probably be in better shape; walking and biking everywhere. You must really get a workout!”

A Lonely Night of a Faithless Devotee

A night that brought up some alien feelings. Conclusions from the past, uncertainties of the present and fears of the future.

Embracing Change As An Author

This article is expounding on the need for authors to change if they are to grow in their craft. It deals with the response to editing and reviews, both good and bad.

Writing Fiction Is Not Like Playing Make-Believe

All fiction writers have much to pay attention to in order to create a reader-worthy novel. Something significant new fiction writers sometimes forget to pay attention to are the details.

Using Backstory To Create Comedy Characters With Depth

An engaging comedy skit or comedy one-act play is infused with conflict and emotion. Character backstory is a dramatic element that helps you achieve this.

An Easy Way New Fiction Writers Can and Should Expand Their Writing Vocabulary

If you’ve heard this advice for new writers before, it bears repeating: Read novels by other authors, especially, but not solely, in your genre. This is beneficial, but there’s something else you could or should do while you read, to help you improve your writing vocabulary.

Three Techniques for Creating Funny Characters and Funny Skits

Writing a three to six minute comedy skit gives you little time for character development. Use these techniques to create funny characters with depth and a funny skit your audience enjoys.

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