5 Writing Exercises For Beginner Writers – How To Write For Beginners

Synonyms Are Beautiful, As Well As Admirable, Alluring, Angelic, Appealing, Beauteous, and More

Writers often fall into the habit of using the same descriptive words over and over again. The thesaurus is a useful tool, but be sure and use it for the right reasons.

It Comes to Us All

This was written close to four years ago. I had lost my father, mother and then a colleague at work passed away. I was gutted and didn’t know anyway to else to turn to than the screen of my computer. My mind was flooded with so much memories of all of them and it was tough. I ended it encouraging people to live their lives for it can be fleeting sometimes and we should endeavor to make everyday count.

For the Love of Words!

Words capture the resonance of our lives. They are the connective tissue of language and thought. Words make us mortal and give us the means to capture and hold the beautiful. This is a salute to the splendor and versatility of words and an acknowledgement of their changing role in the digital world.

How to Craft the Opening of Your Novel

Want to know how to craft the perfect opening for your novel? Read on to find out.

Why I Like Mahatma Gandhi

The life of Mahatma Gandhi itself is an open book for all of us to follow and practice. The principles of Mahatma Gandhi hold good for any ages.

I’m Not Very Creative

What is it that makes people think they’re not very creative? Why do people hide their light under a bushel?

Why eBooks Have Produced a Publishing Explosion

40,000 eBooks are uploaded every month. Finding the great works requires the writers to find the readers.

Creative Writing Lessons Learned From Soap Operas

Why do soap operas last so long? Learn a few of the reasons why and how you can use them in your own writing or storytelling.

Words in Songwriting and Their Power As Emotional Triggers (Part 3)

Communication is the act of exchanging masses or ideas across space. It consists of the act of projecting a picture of one’s intended message into the mind of another using various devices to effect an understanding. But what exactly is in a word which gives it the power to compel action or reaction in another?

Rules of (Fictional) Romance

When writing romance there are rules that ought to be obeyed. Very few of them have anything to do with character or relationship development. Actually, almost all of them are utterly ridiculous. They do make for some great reading, though!

Editing Your First Novel

Finished your first novel? See how to hone it to perfection and make it ready to submit to an agent.

Talk To Me – The Author’s Secret Weapon

I know the secret to optimizing your creativity while satisfying that little editor who sits on your shoulder as you type your manuscript. Okay, so maybe it isn’t a “secret,” but many authors are about to have an “aha” moment.

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