Apparently There Were Complaints… & other non-fiction I’ve read recently

Stimulate Your Creative Thoughts At The Writing Retreat

The wellness and writing retreat is the place where creative writers, yoga practitioners, and travelers come together in an energizing environment. This summer yoga retreat gives the time, space, and structure to work efficiently and creatively in an inspiring atmosphere. For creative writers, it is a great place as it provides the right company, relaxation, inspiration, and creative stimulation to write volumes of creative work.

Writing Your “Relationships-Autobiography” Enables You to Develop a Successful Intimate Relationship

Writing one’s autobiography has become trendy. People write their autobiographies either at an old age, looking-back at their life, or whenever they feel they have had an experience well-telling. If you find yourself failing in your relationships time and again, writing the “autobiography of your relationships” (in your mind or at the computer), observing yourself while doing so and using what you have noted to change, will enable you to cultivate a successful relationship.

The Easiest Way to Plot Your Novel

In The Marshall Plan novel writing system, a novel is created out of action sections and reaction sections. Here’s how to create these units of storytelling and string them together for a solidly plotted novel that will appeal to literary agents and editors.

Be Inspired to Write With Creative Short Story Ideas

Are you thinking of short story ideas or do you keep returning to similar plots and themes? You certainly need to read the following exercises and prompts to help you take new directions with your writing. Feel free to use them to unlock your subconscious mind, explore new territory, and above all, have fun!

Novel Writing Software: Flawlessly Formulate A Fabulous Finale

If your readers stick with you for an entire novel, you owe them an ending that will blow their socks off. What’s more, you owe it to yourself as a writer. The right novel-writing software will do much more than create a fascinating plot, complete with intriguing, true-to-life characters. It will build spellbinding subplots and story threads that will keep your readers guessing. It will bring your story to a dramatic and unforgettable conclusion.

Writing Fiction – Conquering Your Story Middle

Does the middle of your story or novel tend to sag? Here’s how you can conquer your story middle.

Writing Your First Novel: Words and Routine

Writing a novel is all about getting into a routine and churning out the words on a daily basis. So what is the correct number of words that you need to write each day? This is an answer that I can’t give you. Everyone has their own speed and method. Some writer’s churn our 3,000 words a day, while others stick to 1,000. You’re going to have to experiment and see what works for you.

Things Every Creative Writer Should Know About Creative Writing

Creative writing can be an empowering, fulfilling and even profitable pastime or career, and many individuals find it to be an excellent escape from the mundane routines of everyday life. However, to get the most out of your creative writing there are some key points that every creative writer should consider. One of the most important things for a creative writer is to find and develop a voice.

Forms of Creative Writing – Poetry

The nation is often divided over poetry. There are some writers who love writing creative prose; I am one of them. We write short stories, novellas, fiction pieces, sometimes even creative articles.

How to Write a Children’s Book

Are you tired of trying to become the next big novelist? Why not give up and instead try writing a kids book using these straight forward guidelines?

What to Keep Out of Your Memoir

Writing your memoir or autobiography will often lead you to confront the personal and private details of others who feature in your story. How much should you reveal and what are the consequences of telling it like it is?

Dialog Versus Narrative – Show Versus Tell

It’s very tempting when you’re writing your novel to spend a lot of time describing exactly what is going to happen or what the reason is for something. Sometimes for pages and pages! I’m sure you’ve read those sorts of novels before. Did you know this is called ‘telling’ in the writing business?

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