Creative Writing Ways of working: How to write a novel

Writing the Short Story: How to Create a Dynamic Character Profile

Story world characters deserve our full attention as they are the active agents who drive a story’s plot forward. Whatever their role in a narrative, characters give us a front row seat for all the action, so it is important to create a dynamic character profile before starting to write a short story.

Writing Mixed Race Romance

Writing mixed romances can be political as hell. Where’s the place of the story in all this though?

Build A Creative Fortress And Finish Your Writing With These 4 Tips

All writers struggle with finishing their work at some point. It’s only human to battle with how you’re sharing the very thoughts from your head and heart. In order to get work done though, you must create a fortress that facilitates the creative work itself.

Proudly Weird

Most people go on vacations to have fun, to see something famous or scenic, or to be thrilled or pampered in some way. Veteran travelers notice people as well as scenery and food. Artists have the ability to touch all five senses. Look for them when you travel.

Comedy Writing – Adapting During Your Stand Up Comedy Performance

If Your Planned Show Isn’t Working, Change It – If what you have planned is not working, you need to have the flexibility to change and do anything else other than what you are currently doing. If that doesn’t work, then try something else because now you know at least two things that are not going to work for your audience. Bombing a show is not about suffering as a comedian; it is about learning.

Sucker-Upper Is Not A Word

Creative writing is spontaneous, different, and sometimes defies attempts to place it in a category like drama, thriller, humor, or other category. If it has a purpose at all, it must be to get a reader’s attention, and keep that for a short time.

The Stag

When I write an article, I like to tell the story from the viewpoint of the main character. I am challenged when the main character is not human, and cannot speak English. I love a challenge.

Writing the Short Story: How to Write a Gripping Ending to a Story

Like the beginning of story, there are many ways to end a piece of fiction. You can finish your story with a satisfying conclusion – with all the loose ends neatly tied up. Most of us enjoy this type of ending. But by daring to be different and choosing a surprising ending, a writer can leave an indelible impression on the reader.

Writing the Short Story: How to Write a Dynamic Opening for a Story

A story’s opening paragraph should be designed to capture a reader’s imagination and inspire them to read more. The opening paragraph also acts as a pivotal gateway through which your reader must enter so that they can journey successfully through your story. There are many ways of beginning a story: setting, character description, action, a statement, an idea, or posing an question.

Is Writing Broken?

The act of writing has evolved into a mechanized application that forgoes a determined hand in favor of fluid finger-tips as words are created with a tap, in the style of our choice, and in the size we select. So are we any less balanced now that we “key-in” our most intimate reflections? Has the substance of writing changed along with the process?

Methodological Tools for Hermeneutics

These are some methodological tools for hermeneutics. They are Philosophical Etymology, Phenomenological Ontology, Deconstructive theology and pharmacological psychoanalysis.

In Paris, a Gargoyle Sits and Stares

We are busy living our lives each day. It is easy for us to fail to notice that we are part of a mosaic of humanity. Sometimes we can be caught up in an agenda created by others in cooperation, like rain water is caught up in a stream and a stream is caught up in a river.

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