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Writing Your Novel: Crafting A Great Beginning So You Will Never Fall Into A Sagging Middle

If you have a burning desire to become a published author but no idea what you want to write, you are in good company. For several reasons, your best choice is to write what you love to read. So, your first step in writing your novel is deciding upon your genre. From there, you will develop a story idea that is appropriate to that genre. To do this, you will need to know whether your lead is male or female, and what his/her approximate age group is.

10 Writing Tips

This article contains ten tips on writing that I have found useful as an aspiring writer. (1) Don’t underestimate your reader: You have a fantastic plot, your characters are realistic, the setting is ideal and you want to make sure that the reader gets every little detail that you have in mind. Great!

Writing in the Third Person

Previously I have written about how difficult it is to write a successful novel in the first person and in this article I am going to discuss an alternative: writing in the third person. What is writing in the third person? Well it’s actually how most novels today are written. It’s a viewpoint that’s taken in the book that allows the author to take a step back from everything and describe what’s happening from an alternate viewpoint than the first person (like a sort of god perspective).

Novel Writing Software – When The Muddle In The Middle Drives You Mad

With The Marshall Plan Novel Writing Software, you can develop plots, subplots, twists and surprises that will have your readers on the edge of their seats. Then, you will weave them all together into a cohesive whole that will have publishers eager to buy your novel. What’s more, it comes with a 30 day, money back guarantee. How exciting is that? YOU, a published author?

Author Ron Hutchison Talks About His Novel, Latitude 38

Author Ron Hutchison graduated from the University of Missouri in 1967 with a degree in journalism. He has worked as a reporter, editor, and columnist at newspapers in Texas, California, and Missouri. He was employed by Sun Oil Company as a public relations executive, and later operated his own advertising and public relations agency.

Write a Book – The 3 Secret Strategies Writers Use to Finish Writing the Book

Every writer has the same response to a blank page. Their mind locks up and blood ceases to flow to the brain, eyes fog over and the white out on the page numbs their senses. Then the fingers start working the keys or the pencil and it all comes into focus. Writing the book is easy once you get something on the page. Let me show you how to bypass writer’s block to finish writing the book.

Three Simple Steps to Write Your Memoirs

These three simple steps are the fastest and most efficient way to get your memoir writing project started. Once you have them in place you will know how to develop your life story and take it to the next level.

Jedi, Reindeer, and Willing Suspension of Disbelief

My wife and I, and her family, are on vacation this week to visit my brother-in-law in Macon Georgia. He just graduated from college. Soon after arriving, we went to Joshua Cup, the coffee house where his co-workers call him Jedi Master due to his brewing prowess.

Writing in the First Person

A lot of first time authors write their debut novel in the first person. So I’ll start by recommending straight away, don’t do it! Writing a complete and engaging novel in the first person is one of the most difficult things to undertake in writing and very few authors that do it are successful.

How Long Should a First Novel Be?

So what is it? 20,000, 40,000, 80,000 or 120,000? What is the correct length for a novel? This is a tough question and one that many new authors struggle with. In this article I will aim to give you some guidance on choosing the correct number of words you should be aiming for.

Creating a Good Plot for Your Novel

Creating a good plot for a novel is a lot more difficult than you might imagine. It’s one thing having a story in your head, but actually getting it down on paper and turning it into something that is 80,000 words or so is no small task. If you have tried to create a short story as was suggested in the previous article, you already have an understanding of story points. As I wrote before, a short story needs between ten and twenty story points, but a full-length novel is going to need a couple of hundred! Do you have enough ideas to make a story progress through two hundred bullet points?

How To Write Serial Fiction – The Four Keys

Want to write serial fiction? Here are four essential keys to keep in mind.

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