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4 Reasons Poetry Appreciation Can Save the Planet

Here are four reasons why writing poetry and poetry appreciation can save the planet. Join in and enjoy the wonderful World of Poetry.

Creative Writing Teach With No Book Published – Fine No Tenure They Said

Well, enter the world of publish or perish I thought to myself as a brilliant creative writing professor from the university told me her true life tale. You see, she taught creative writing at the University extension center, but she had not published any fictional works of her own after many years of teaching, and therefore could not get tenured, and since the pay wasn’t that great, she quit.

The Most Famous Authors And The Push to Remain Prolific Considered

Well, word processing on computers, speech recognition software, and the onslaught of new writers and authors into the world has been nothing short of incredible, and it has changed writing, publishing, and literature forever. Things will never be the same again. Now then, some of the more prolific writers, with the household names are starting to feel the heat and the pressure from the competition of all these new writers coming forth like a Tsunami into the industry.

Writing – New to Writing? Find a Mentor

Finding the right mentor when you at the beginning of a novel is vital. The reason for this is there’s an inherent desire to self-sabbotage and having a mentor who understand how difficult writing actually is, is paramount to completing a successful novel.

How to Start Writing

Do you love writing, but never seem to be able to start? Do you have a great book or article idea but don’t know how to realize it? I’m here to help. I’ve been writing for many years now, and I learned a few tricks that I always use when facing writer’s block. They are simple and work for everyone. Take a look.

The Importance of a Handwritten Journal

A handwritten journal just adds that personal touch. Picking up a handwritten journal makes you feel as though the writer is there with you. You know that they have touched that book and wrote those words.

Story Idea: Thanksgiving, Gratitude and Forgiveness

Thinking about story ideas and that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, maybe it is a good time to consider writing a story about that. You could write a story about a Thanksgiving tradition that you had growing up. Or write about one you started.

Nine Profound Things That Will Change the Way You Read!

There is seminal change in the control and distribution of personal reading material taking place much as there was with the advent of the movable type printing press. Books for mass distribution when they made an appearance in the 15th Century were large, heavy, cumbersome and so was their content. Technology, and the applications that drive it, has initiated a fundamental change in the way the world reads. Here are nine reasons why:

Brevity Is the Soul of Lit(erature)!

Once an author’s writing machine gears up, it’s hard to control. Here are some tips on how to edit your MS.

In The Future Will Science Fiction Writing Still Be Dominated By English Writers?

One of the topics we discuss at our think tank which happens to operate online is how language changes the way people think and reason. In fact, there is an incredible diversity in thinking based on which language you speak and write. Often it is even greater than the thought diversity coming from cultural differences.

Say ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ to Foreign Words and Phrases

Foreign words and phrases can make your communications more interesting. Choose one or two from this list for your next presentation.

The Arc of Being: Igniting Characters for Conscious Media

Conscious media includes, but is not limited to movies, books, and television that are focusing on humanity’s humaneness or true nature as the way to overcome adversity. Conscious media has an uplifting and even transformative effect that people are swarming to as a result of our catastrophic and unsustainable global conundrum. Avatar, Lord of the Rings, 2012, The Fifth Element, and The Sixth Sense are a few recent examples of conscious media that bring us messages of hope that humanity can eventually overcome or at least advocate change without sacrificing humanity. Herein is an inspiration and challenge for authors, screenwriters, poets, and other writers.

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