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Science Fiction Writing

Authors seeking science fiction writing need a clear writing premise rooted in science. Having a story to tell in a setting and centered on certain characters, events, and problems is a recipe for successful sci-fi writing. Such novels and movie or TV show screenplays will be better accepted by sci-fi enthusiasts who love to escape into a fantastical world.

Sci Fi Writers

Sci fi writers are in great demand because sci fi as a genre has millions of fans world-wide. Most writers and readers enjoy the fine blend of fantastic imaginings rooted in science. Such writers should make sure their stories are believable and plausible.

Comedy Writer

A comedy writer can write standup comedy or screenplays for funny TV shows or movies. Laughing is easy, but to make others laugh is a special skill that very few gifted people have. The reason could be traced back to the days of court jesters when they were used to bring in a tone of amusement into the otherwise solemn ambiance of the court proceedings.

Horror Writing

The magic carpet ride of horror writing is strewn with more bumps than envisaged at first. It may be an innate talent for a lucky few but most of the authors involved with this genre have to cultivate the skill through rigorous practice. You as a horror writer may want to take up novel writing, screenwriting, or television series writing.

Horror Writer

A horror writer has to elicit feelings of fear through horror writing, be it a screenplay, novel, or short story. The repulsive scenes of blood and gore in horror novels send shivers down the readers’ spines, while urging them to continue experiencing the excitement and chills. On the surface, the task of creating such a visual and mental effect may seem easy, but most audiences have become desensitized to horror stories, which make the job of a horror writer all the more challenging.

Comedy Writing

Comedy Writing is no joke! The purpose behind comedy writing is to add a fresh flavor of comedy and amusement in our otherwise mundane lives. After a week of hard work, people would prefer to cuddle up with a humorous novel or watch a funny movie rather than step back into a world they just crossed. Writers enjoy the creative license to make little changes and report the most somber of events in ways to make them more interesting.

Romance Writer

A romance writer is different than a writer from another genre because a romance writer delves deep into the psyche of a human mind, explores the idiosyncrasies of the heart, and brings the readers immense pleasure. Their popularity spans across the globe and there is no dearth of audience craving to find release from the mundane worldly cares through the literature of this sort. Novels structured around romance have always found huge readership, especially among the young at heart ladies who are romantic by virtue of their sex.

Science Fiction Writer

The focus of a science fiction writer is on fiction rooted in science and plausibility. It must be remembered that what seems fantastical today may turn out to be a common-place event tomorrow and this makes the job of writers dealing with science fiction even more difficult. Novels based on this imaginary but plausible genre are generally super hits and sell like hot cakes, finding a wide readership.

Romance Writing

The process of romance writing can be an emotionally gratifying writing pursuit, requiring writers to work along the dictates of the heart. There is little that pleases an avid reader of romance more than reading touching tales dealing with the characters’ passionate relationships. The interpersonal relationships excite the readers’ imagination, sending them to a state of satisfaction and escape.

Mystery Writing

Mystery writing follows certain norms of writing and offers the readers the opportunity to exert their intellectual powers to unravel the unknown before the detective does. In this way it is an excellent tool to exercise the human mind. Once the mystery authors embark on their journey to compose the thriller, there is no looking back and they can progress to penning great mystery novels.

Writing Mysteries

Writing mysteries well begins by choosing a sub-genre for writing, such as crime fiction or detective fiction. “Murders in the Rue Morgue,” Edgar Allan Poe’s famous short story, is a great example of how to write a mystery, particularly a detective story. Since the release of Poe’s story, the mystery has become a popular genre, with a wide readership of males and females who span generations and nationalities indiscriminately.

Comedy Writers

A venerated lot, comedy writers write standup, comedy screenplays, and comedy novels, to entertain and please the readers to no end. Their work is far from simple because amusing others is tougher than being amused. A well written humorous novel is invariably a runaway success as soon as it appears at book stores.

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