How To Come Up With Short Story Ideas – 4 Easy Exercises

Book Ghostwriter

A book ghostwriter can help you publish your book. In the publishing industry, hiring a book ghostwriter is a practice that is widely accepted. Many people who place value on books also value writers for hire, and one such writing professional is a book ghostwriter.

Book Ghost Writers

Book ghost writers can help you publish your book. As you walk down the aisles of your local bookstore, you will see that every shelf is stocked full of books from best-selling authors, many of whom have recruited book ghost writers. However, one thing you can always count on is that book ghost writers have written many of these books.

Jennifer J. Chow Talks About Her Debut Novel The 228 Legacy and Her Writing Experience

Jennifer J. Chow writes Asian-American fiction with a geriatric twist. She lives near Los Angeles, California. Her fiction has appeared in several literary magazines. Her Taiwanese-American novel, The 228 Legacy, made it to the second round of the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest and was published by Martin Sisters Publishing in July 2013.

Book Ghost Writer

Are you looking for a book ghost writer? A professional book ghost writer tends to work in the publishing industry, but they are also used for corporate communications, social media, public relations, and other industries that produce great amounts of written content. It is important to review the kind of projects that a writer has worked on and to consider hiring a ghostwriter to start or complete your work.

Ghost Writers for Books

Hiring ghost writers for books is very common in the publishing industry. When you select ghost writers for books available for hire, you will be paying for their time, skills, and experience. The cost of these services will vary, depending upon the type of project, the caliber of the writer and subject matters complexity.

Hire a Writer

Hire a writer online. If you’re looking for a fast and effective way to outsource writing, you need to hire a writer. Whatever your writing project, when you search to hire a writer you will see that there are people out there who are skilled and experienced enough to give you a quality service.

Hire a Songwriter

You may need to hire a songwriter if you have a band or music company. You may be a songwriter yourself, but faced with writer’s block and in need of some collaboration or inspiration, and therefore searching to hire a songwriter. You may even need a writer for the instrumentals of your songs. In such times, you have the option to hire someone to write with or for you. The Internet means you can now easily find a songwriter to suit your needs for a reasonable price. It is quite common nowadays to hire professional help. The services are provided professionally by a lot of contractors.

Writing Clear And Concise – Rid Your Writing Of Redundant Words

After the first chapter of my book was critiqued, I extracted various sentences as good examples of the mistakes I made. Each one exhibits redundant word usage. I’ve included better sentence structure below each example.

Please Don’t Cut My SS Benefits by Half

I have worked since I was sixteen (16) years of age, up until the year 2010. I simply had to seek out my social security benefits in order to merely squeak through my monthly bills in order to stand on my own two feet. I was grateful for that.

Finding Inspiration For Writing Stories Everywhere!

We’ve all heard the advice–once you finish one book write another one. But what happens when you just can’t think of an idea?

Move It! Stop Complaining And Get Out Of That Chair

Hello, it’s 4 a.m. again, my usual wake-up time, thanks entirely to my pet poodle. Oh well, this is the best part of my day anyway. It’s a quiet and relaxing time, when I am able to be creative before I have to endure the rigors of work. So, here I am, a second week in a row now, sitting in my favorite, most comfortable chair, staring at a blank screen once again. Normally, by now, my creativity is percolating, along with the smell of the coffee as it brews in the pot, but for some reason, the flow seems stagnate today.

How To Write Creative Literature

Good literature stands the test of time. Writers, unaware of being called creative writers cannot just stop writing at this. Let me share about writing, not as a creative writer, but as one writer like the rest of us and one writer who earns the right to represent her own experiences in her work (Paul Horgan).

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