Get started with Creative Writing – 5 top tips!

Your Character Is Not The Problem – 5 Ways To Love Your Flawed Character

How to love your flawed character and strengthen your writing. Five ways to improve how you move a character forward.

What Are The Major Benefits Of High-Quality Website Content?

No doubt, Content is the king of your website. It is easily crawled by the web spiders and also helps to attract more visitors to your site. This is actually the heartbeat of your website. Without content, you are not able to make your customer understand what you are actually trying to offer them.

Creative Writing: Seven Elements of a Great Story

Creative writing is rewarding, fun, and at times, frustrating. Many writers think it would be exciting to get a great novel published but don’t know where to begin. Understanding the essentials of creative writing can help.

Fiction Writing: Creating Characters

This is an article introducing readers to the art of character writing. The main point revolves around how plot and character are interrelated.

Some Keys To Effective Creative Writing

Creative writing is an excellent exercise that can produce many benefits for the writer. This article will discuss some keys one can utilize to make the most of their effective writing.

Metaphors As a Songwriting Tool

A metaphor is a statement that draws a comparison or similarity between one object or condition with another object or condition. The most powerful form of metaphor that you can compose will be vague and will seem to connect things that appear on the surface to have no connection at all. So structuring metaphors that force your listener to use the deeper thought level to identify the hidden meaning and nuances related to the elements of your metaphor is key to inducing trance. In this state, their mind freely associates and works to make connections where there are none or where you did not intend. The music eases a person’s mind and body into a mental and physiological state conducive with a hypnotic trance. Words link a mind to its memories of experiences, emotional states, and a person’s sense of self. And once in a trance state, words will guide the person through the experience produced by a songwriter with a series of lyrical commands. The hypnotic state can vary greatly across a wide range from the ecstatic and wild, as in tribal ritual like voodoo dances and punk pits, to the meditative as in yoga and sleep.

Plot and Your Children’s Story – Two Basic Formats

There are a number of elements that go into writing a good story. One of the most important is plot. Plot gives the story a reason to exist. It’s what the story is about.

Stand-Up Comedy Tips

What to Do When You Forget Your Material The second most common fear of beginning comedians is the fear of forgetting their material. It is actually better for you if this happens early on in your career because you will learn to handle it and learn strategies for surviving the forgetfulness. Not only will you be able to survive, but you will be able to turn it into something funny that engages the audience.

Improving Your Stand-Up Comedy Writing and Performance

Make Your Revisions After you have determined which jokes are good and which need to be removed, you need to review your show again so that you can edit, rewrite, and rearrange your material. This is where the biggest improvements will occur. When you begin to edit a joke, you will find that you need to rewrite another joke as well so that they fit together.

Write Every Day

It is important for all writers to write every day in order to be most successful and to develop positive rhythms in their writing careers. This can take a bit of planning and juggling. There is also the aspect of getting your family and friends use to the time you will be devoting to your writing. The more consistently you write, the more of a likely that they will accept your writing. Writers have to learn to get into the habit of writing. Habits are things we learn to do through repetition and eventually do either unconsciously or with very little effort. First we form habits and then they form us. We are what we repeatedly do. Don’t be deceived into thinking that you just can’t help what you do, because the truth is that you can do or not do anything if you really want to. One of the chief ingredients of forming good habits and breaking bad ones is focusing on what you want to do and not on what you want to stop doing. I will show you how to do that in this article.

Measure The Cost Of Freedom

As a citizen of the United States, are you grateful for what you have? Do you feel a moral obligation to think about and honor those who paid a cost for the liberty that you enjoy?

Flash Fiction – What Is It And How Do You Write It?

Flash fiction is a very brief style of literature. It has been around for a very long time. But brief doesn’t mean easy as this how to article points out.

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