How to write a book: first three steps to start your first novel

Take the Comedy Writing Road Less Traveled

A quick humor tip for adding humor to your writing. It’s easier to find humor than you think!

Indian Writing in English: A Reflection on the Emerging Creative and Critical Trends

The talk presents characteristics of contemporary Indian English poetry in a general way with a view to drawing attention to the need for research on new/less known/marginalized poets of the last three decades. Mention is made to a few poets who express themselves freely and creatively in emerging genre such as haiku and tanka. A plea is made to critically explore the fresh and marginalized voices before dumping them as inconsequential. Emphasis is also laid on developing a research policy which promotes identification and study of fresh/less known authors at local/state, regional, national, and international levels, either singly or in a group, comparatively, as well as intra- and internationally.

3 Surefire Tips to Improve Your Creative Writing

The three writing tips advocated in the article are to reexamine and re-calibrate our current ways of listening, looking, and reading so that we can absorb more information from the world around us. Incorporating these tips into their writing routine can help writers to develop the habit of being a writer by honing their observational skills.

Fiction Writing – How Short Stories Differ From Novels

This article will outline some of the fundamental differences between writing short stories and novels. It will also show you some of the writing techniques that will demonstrate these differences.

The Joy of Writing

Always keep the joy of writing in your life and keep it in our heart always! Making time for writing in your own, special place is important.

Viable Schemes in Poetry Writing

Poetry writing has no formula to follow. However, to be able to form a thought-provoking one, the writer should be guided with some practically designed steps to be able to organize its details. Here are some writing points that contain the following components such as creating a theme, deciding the number of stanzas and lines to be developed in the poem, brainstorming of words that represent details of ideas by stanzas which embody imageries, symbolisms, allusions and other types of figures of speech such as personifications, similes, metaphors among others; establishing a tone and assembling the brainstormed terms by classifying or assigning thoughts in every stanza, decorating initially made lines with other vocabularies and modifiers, connecting ideas with the aid of additional words that may contribute to dominant revelation of the theme, placing the proper punctuation, editing for coherence and formulating a suited title after reading the content of the whole composition.

Overcoming Procrastination As An Author

If you desire to be an author, and a successful one at that, you will have to learn how to master procrastination and become diligent in working on your book. This is what separates the winners from the losers much of the time in life. We procrastinate. We put things off until we get “that feeling.” And so we do not get done what we could have done, or we do not reach our goals.

7 Ways to Market Your Content Globally and Locally

Do you seriously think writing good quality web content will get you readers just like that? Unfortunately the internet is full of good content so how would people get to “the good” content of yours? That is exactly where modern inbound marketers chip in, now let me give you a fool’s idea about what they do!

Be Descriptive In Your Writings

Be as descriptive as you can be in your writings. Do not just seek to give points assuming that the reader will get your point and understand what you are attempting to convey. Use your imagination and aim to make your statements so alive that the reader will perceive what is being said clearly.

Write About the Sounds You Like – Why They Mean So Much to You (Narrative)

Sounds are vibrations that travel through air or another medium and are detected by the ear. Sounds provide information to us, and because of that information, we respond differently to different sounds. For example, the sound of a car honking would cause us to feel panic and look around frantically for incoming cars, the sound of a kettle whistling would remind us that the water has boiled, and the sound of upbeat music would make us feel energetic and happy.

Role of Themes in Fiction

Themes are a central part of fiction. Stories with strong themes stay with the reader long after they have put down the book.

The Character Arc: Leading Your Protagonist From Denial to Action

The character arc – the part readers love to read but can be the hardest to write! A look at how psychological theory can move our protagonist from denial to action.

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