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How To Write A Love Song (In Ten Easy Steps)

Did you find that perfect girl, but aren’t able to figure out how to let her know how you feel? We’ve got just the thing! You’ll learn 10 easy steps you can take to writing the perfect song to get the girl. This also works if you’re a girl and you want to write a song for a guy!

Features Of Quality Web Contents

Quality content on a website is very important to attract more web searchers to the site. But, do you look for more web searchers only for website? Is not that you are working to draw in more relevant web searchers who can be converted into the buyers of your offerings? The conversion of a simple web searcher into a buyer of an offering of a website is possible when the site has quality content. Let’s discuss the features of quality web content.

Creative Writing Is Just Choosing a Genre and Merely Picking New Characters

Creative writing is just that, it is to be creative. Unfortunately, often the creative mind finds challenges when it tries to make it to analytical. This happens a lot in composition class, where everyone studies the mechanics, and how to put together an essay.

Creative Writing 101: Five Tips for Collecting Your Thoughts

Creative writing is all about turning ideas into words. First, of course, you have to have an idea; something to write about. Then of course you have to learn to collect your thoughts and be able to bridge the gap between the idea and the word. These following five tips should help you learn how to do just that.

The Coffee Shop Observation Adventure

If you want to create the next greatest novel, short story, or fictional work and if you want to be one with the essence of creative writing, then you must get your characters down correctly. One of the easiest ways I’ve found to do this is to go into a coffee shop and observe people, watch how they act, what they think, and engage them in conversations. Let them talk about whatever they wish to talk about, let them guide the conversation.

Creative Writing – What Can A Tugboat Teach You About Thinking Big?

Do you have big dreams? Would you like to do something big with your writing, with your life? Do you feel like you are an ordinary person, one little person in the world and a little shy about what you can seriously accomplish?

Creativity in Writing Comes to Those Who Use Multiple Ways of Thinking

They say there are folks that have analytical thinking, folks that are creative thinkers, and there are various ways to describe various types of personalities. Indeed, you can even take tests online which will tell you what type of thinker you are; if you are more of an intuitive thinker, and also how you learn and absorb information. Now then, I would suggest to you that if you wish to stay in the creative mind flow while doing your creative writing, that you should practice multiple ways of thinking.

The Secret to Creative Writing Flow Is Often to Dump What You Know

Well, there have been some interesting psychological studies recently published in neurological journals discussing the reality that creativity in the mind often comes when the mind shuts down one of the hemispheres, or stops its logical thinking. In doing so it allows the neurons to fire in different directions, bypassing the area which is turn itself off. Thus, it puts forth connections in different ways than the brain has trained itself and formatted itself to think.

The Mystical Writer’s Muse

What is the ‘muse’, and what should we do with what we are given from it? This article explores the writer’s muse, and gives some thoughts about how to make the most of it.

Breaking The Silence and Sharing Your Words With Others

The Taoist saying goes, “The way is easy, strive hard.” Breaking the silence is mostly having the confidence to reveal what you most fully believe to be true and then being willing to share these thoughts with others. Easy and difficult all at once.

Niche Keyword Selection: How to Brainstorm

Selection of the most often-searched keywords is not necessarily the best option for SEO or PPC campaigns. Instead, it is significant to brainstorm niche keywords pertinent to your business. The most crucial undertaking of any online marketing campaign, be it either through the organic listings with applying SEO and link-building techniques or through PPC listings or with applying both, is keyword research.

Unique 4 Tips To Start Writing Marketing Blogs

Are you in pursuit of good ideas and tips to get the company blog started? Looking for ways to inculcate and integrate the 4Ps of marketing? Inquire if the marketing department of your company is planning to enter the blog-sphere with a fresh company blog. If it is true, then just follow some easily implementable tips to make the venture successful. Here is that checklist of unique blogging ideas that can help bloggers achieve their goals.

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