Creative Writing – 5 top tips to get started

Free Association With Writing

Activity professionals conduct group activities every day of the week. The challenge for the activity professional is to create new and innovative programs for their geriatric clients. Creative writing is a creative, mental stimulating activity that one can use.

The Masculine, Feminine and Androgynous Principles in The Verity Key

When writing characters in fiction it’s important to get a clear idea of who that character is fundamentally. This will make it easier for the author to plot realistic behaviours and for to reader to identify with the character. One way of understanding fictional characters at a fundamental level is to relate them to the masculine and feminine principles in Taoist philosophy. This article does so by using the example of the major characters in cyberpunk novel The Verity Key.

Think Of Creative Writing Ideas

There are many ways to consider when coming up with creative writing ideas. Creativity means just that, brainstorming and jotting down thoughts. This article will give you a few ideas to try and is one article out of a series I will be submitting.

What’s the Difference Between First, Second, and Third Person?

Knowing when to use first, second, and third person when writing can be a little tricky. Read this article and learn when to best use each point of view.

Interview With Becky Akers, Author of the New Book “Abducting Arnold”

In this interview, historical fiction author Becky Akers discusses her new novel “Abducting Arnold.” In the novel and interview she discusses her research that shows history has mislabeled Benedict Arnold solely as a traitor, as well as how this book relates to her first book “Halestorm” about Nathan Hale. She discusses her research, characters, and overall themes for “Abducting Arnold” and also draws parallels between the politics of the American Revolution with those of today.

How Can Social Media Offer Writers A Refuge?

Everyone knows that taking part in a social media site means that you are connecting and communicating with other people. But there are social media sites that are better than others in the scope of becoming better writers. There are writers that are published authors and others that want to be writers. This article shows how to break into that profession easily.

Poetry – A Form of Creative Writing

What does poetry mean to others? It is an art of expression that calms the nerves and relaxes the senses.

Write a Best Selling Novel in Less Than Three Months

Ever wanted to be a writer? Don’t think you are able to do it? You can do it, by following this strategic plan, and get writing. Before you know it you will have a potentially best-selling novel and your hands, and you will be on your way to being a best-selling author!

Create a Story With a Picture

Creative writing can be conducted in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities. However, activity professionals encounter a myriad of problems when one attempts this type of activity in this environment.

My Bedroom

This article talks about my bedroom. It is a descriptive essay on how my room looks like.

She Wanted a Car – A Short Story

“Baby you know I don’t have the money at the moment. I’m not self-employed, give me some months to save and I’ll get you the car you desire,” John pleaded. “But honey, you know how hard it is taking public transport to work everyday.

When I Was 16

This is one of my most honest pieces. It talks about the struggles that lot of people go through in a young age. It speaks about the importance of educating young people about self-worth.

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