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10 Ways to Encourage Children to Write

Writing is a priceless tool for children to master and use, just like reading is. The earlier they start writing words and sentences the more confident they will be on life’s journey. Many parents teach their young children how to read before they even enter kindergarten.

Finding Keats at a Red-Hot Speakeasy

A Romantic poet, a tough professor and a valuable lesson in poetry, music and women in academia. What a jazz bar ultimately taught me about poetic form, meter and meaning.

Indian Trilogy – A Poetic Effort in Three Tragic Scenes

This trilogy was born in the summer of 1980 in Tyler, Texas as a result of an intense historical study of the events leading-up to the massacre of many innocent men, women, and children at Wounded Knee; and the deliberate lies, deceptions, and misrepresentations that led the, supposedly, civilized government of the United States of America to deliberately break, with prejudice, every formal treaty made with the American Indian nations that pre-existed all European colonial occupation of North America, and the creation of the American republic. This trilogy is dedicated to the millions American Indians, the…

Seven Steps to Brainstorm Ideas for an E-Book

Would you like to write e-books but you can’t think of any topics to write about? If you do, you’re not alone! Many writers struggle to find ideas about which to write an e-book. You may think you are not knowledgeable to write e-books. Or, you may think that you can’t possibly write an e-book because you don’t have enough material to write about. If you feel this way, this article is for you.

A New Genre of Fiction Called Philosophical Fiction

It’s a new genre of fiction called Philosophical Fiction. Philosophical Fiction is heavily influenced by the Art of Picasso that is Cubist Art and has also taken the rhythms of Jazz.

Increase Writing Speed Like A Pro

Follow these 3 tips and your writing speed will improve now. We all want to write better and faster, so here’s your chance to do it.

Creativity and Sports

This article is on how to use creative writing in sports. As we watch a game a lot of actions happen. We only see the results, we do not hear the conversation of players, neither we are aware of what is going inside the player mind in crucial moments. Creative writing can be used to create a story out of one’s own imagination and make it believable.

The Meaning of Christmas Through an Acrostic

The meaning of Christmas is explained as an acrostic. C stands for Christ, H stands for Happiness, R stands for resistance and repentance, I stands for Ego and the Self, S Stands for solidarity, T stands for time, M stands for mutual-ism, A stands for acceptance and S stands for sincerity.

Analysis of Maxim Gorki’s Short Fiction

It’s an analysis of Maxim Gorki’s short fiction. The analysis probes the literary, psychological and philosophical depth of the stories.

5 Little Known Secret Tips to Enhance Your Writing Skills

Mastering the writing skills is not everyone’s cup of tea. But knowing these little known secret tips will not only enhance your writing skills but also make you creative. I’m bringing here 5 secret tips to change your boring writing style into an attractive one.

He Was Never Drawn To Go To Libya To Be Rich – He Was Driven By The Pain Of The Past

Growing up, Aliyu’s Mom and his other two half-sisters lived in one room under a leaky zinc roof between four brick walls. Every night, before they go to bed, they had to first place empty Milo cans in strategic locations to catch leaks when it rained.

A Collection of Idioms

It’s a collection of Idioms. The Idioms have been taken from the Media, Contemporary culture, the Bible and from other languages.

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