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Nifty Manuscript Revision and Proofreading Tips for Novels

You’ve completed the first draft of your novel. Now you’re supposed to follow that pesky rule that requires you do something called a revision–more than once. How can you make this easier?

Eureka! It’s Back

Sometimes seeking a writing topic is blocked by the mind’s desire to find a topic. Relaxation and running can bring ideas to mind as senses open up and memories flood in. Creativity can be found in so many special spots.

When the Writing Mind Goes Blank

It is tough to share this truth, however, yesterday and on into this morning, my writing mind is blank. Typically I am brimming with ideas, but right now no inspiration arises. In desperation I decided to write about nothingness, about a mind lost for a topic. 538 words later, you have my result.

Three Tips for Writing Church Comedy Skits and Dramas

An amateur produced, church comedy skit or drama doesn’t have to be amateurish. Here are three tips for making them polished, professional and funny.

Historicity of the Legend

It’s fascinating to wonder on how legend originated. Legend would have started from old Grandma’s tales round a fire at night to more sophisticated forms of the legend that exist now. Of course there are writers who experiment with less of storytelling and more with experimental writing.

Five Reasons Why Today Is the Greatest Time to Be an Author

With today’s technology, almost anyone can be an author. For those who have dreamed of one day writing that great novel, biography, or self-help book, there are no more excuses to say no. There are many reasons to start writing that book. Here are five of them.

What Exactly Is a Ghost Rewriter, and Why Would You Ever Use This Service?

You’re likely aware there are ghostwriters (I love the movie, The Ghost Writer, with Ewan McGregor), but are you aware there are ghost rewriters who provide services as well? Let’s look at what they can do for authors.

Some Beneficial Tips for New Fiction Authors

Do you know enough about writing fiction so that you get desired results? Here are several helpful tips for you, especially if you’ve started your first novel or are about to.

Our Language Is Being Trashed Big Time – What Can We Do To Stop It?

Should we allow this next upcoming generation to continue to botch our language? Some say no, and yet, isn’t that the natural evolution of language, change? What we call vandalism to our language the next generation calls ‘efficient communication’ or texting. Still, it’s readily easy to see that things have changed an perhaps too much too fast. If you agree, you certainly are not alone in your views. Let’s talk shall we?

How to Use Prologues

New writers often believe that using a prologue will put agents off your work. But that’s not the case, and indeed a prologue can significantly add to your novel. Here’s why you should use one.

Writing Is a Natural Act

Many people, teachers and students included, are afraid of writing not because they do not like the idea of the potential result but because they are fearful to start. They worry about mistakes as they try to get it right the first time. Instead, think of writing and editing as separate entities. Write like mad, step away, and then return with fresh mind and eyes to review and correct. This really works.

A Great Trick To Spice Up Your Content

Are your blog articles getting boring? Need to spice it up a little? This is a common occurrence for a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners that start writing content consistently. After a while, they realize they are stuck in a rut. They are writing about similar things in the same way.

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