Stephen King ‘Set Loose the Monsters’ – The Write Channel Creative Writing quote of the week

What Is Climax in a Unique Article?

It is a very well-known and effective figure. In this figure, ideas (or thoughts) or terms (or words or phrases) are placed in an ascending order according to their importance. As a result, the most important thought or term occurs at the last place, the second most important one occurs before it, the third most important one before the second, and so on. This figure is normally used where there are more than one results or cause or incident coming one after another in a hierarchical manner. Since, in this figure, the most important term or idea occurs at the last position, our thought and emotion flows through the end of the sentence gaining intensity little by little. Just consider the following example.

Golden Rules for Writing Fiction: 3 Writing Tips to Be a Better Writer

An article every aspiring writer/author should read. If you want to be a writer, you need to follow these 3 rules.

Duck-Billed Platitudes

Play with words to excite your thinking and your writing. The platypus/platitudes comparison is designed to pique your imagination.

Wine and Words

A friend of mine is a scholar. One of her responsibilities includes assisting graduate students as they write theses and dissertations, article submissions for publication, and all of the other word-oriented tasks of her students.Wine becomes an ideal invitation.

Never Before: Two Perspectives On Creative Achievement

“Art is when a human being does something for the first time.” -Seth Godin “The point is not to do something that’s never been done before, but something you’ve never done before.” -Liz Gilbert – These two quotes are both from people I highly respect and admire. I came across them in completely different places. But, together, I think they bring up a very important question.

Forgotten Lessons by The Poets

This article focuses on some forgotten poets and the lessons they gave to us. Moreover, an idea to celebrate a World Poets Day also emerges.

Everything You Write, Is a Reflection of You

“Do I have to be a good reader to be a good writer?” The question is often questioned and often answered. “Are all good writers, good readers?” Being a reader is just not enough you have to be a good reader. A good reader is a person who does not just try to reach to the end of the book, once started but try to absorb the essence of the book through correlations and by being vicarious. Writers have to read a lot and that too without discriminating. It is my personal opinion that only reading so-called good books are not fair, you might try out some bad books as well. For the definition a good book and a bad book varies from person to person.

Is Your Energy Affecting Your Impact?

The energy you bring to the content you are writing becomes a part of it. Will it draw people in and attract their attention? Or will it simply feel like more empty words?

What To Write About This Time

You are committed to putting out content consistently (or you should be!). Your followers and prospects need to hear from you on a regular basis to build the trust and relationship that leads to deeper engagement. That means you need to write something… again. But you just aren’t sure what to write about this time.

Improve Your Writing by Keeping It Honest

By showing your vulnerability, you will tap into the well-spring of emotion and truth that readers crave. Honesty is an essential for writers.

Why Post-Apocalyptic Fiction Is King

Ever wonder what you should be watching, reading, or just digesting in general? Well, a healthy dose of zombies with a side of raiders would suit not just you well, but most likely everyone.

Writer’s Groups: Good or Bad? 5 Questions To Ask

As a writer, are there benefits to being part of a writer’s group? Just like everything in life, even chocolate, there are pros and cons. If you aren’t a joiner than a writer’s group would be painful. But if you are on the fence, here are five questions you should consider:

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