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Creative Prompts for Advanced Writers

This article contains a list of six difficult writing prompts for advanced writers. These prompts are in the form of scenarios writers may use as points of departure for larger literary works. Green wrote these prompts from bits and pieces, real and imagined, of other peoples’ lives.

7 Ways To Create Powerful Fictional Characters

Every book needs at least one absolutely phenomenal character that winds its way through the pages living adventures that keep your reader perched on the very edge of their chair. But how do you create such a dynamic and personable character? I’m going to give you 7 incredibly easy ways to create such a powerful fictional character, right here. Click to read more…

How To Write & Understand Erotica

Erotica writing is delicate and skillful. Be subtle. If your customers wanted to read out and out porn, they wouldn’t be buying your books.

Writing Resolutions for the New Year

New Year Writing Exercises for Writing Resolutions are suggested by an Author, Writing Consultant and Editor. These will jump start your writing for the new year.

A Helpful Tip to Dealing With Rejection in the Writing Business

Got enough rejection slips to cover your wall? Not quite sure if you should quit writing altogether? Here’s a helpful tip when dealing with rejection.

4 Features of a Good Creative Content Agency

There will be countless options for a creative content agency when you look into the market; but choosing the right partner for your business is crucial or else it can cost you in the long run. It is absolutely essential that you select the right agency to reach the short and long-term goals of your business.

Language Arts – Five Tips to Analyzing Stories

Analyzing stories can be tough and if you have never done one before it can be hard to know what exactly you are looking for. How do you tell a good story from a great story? Here are five tips on how to go about analyzing stories.

10 Tips to Write a Short Story

Writing a short story is a difficult task. There may not be an easy route to the road to success but there are a few tips and tricks you can pick up along the way. Here are 10 tips to write a short story.

Short Story Writing Tips – How to End Your Story

So you have done everything right but you don’t know how to end your story? Have no fear because there is so many ways to end your story and the best thing about it, you can have fun exploring your options.

Reflections on Paul De Man’s Thoughts

It is an explanation of the Philosopher Pal De Man’s Thoughts. His Philosophical thoughts are Blindness and insight, text as a center of meaning, literature as a problem of reading, figurative conceptions of language, criticism as a metaphor for reading, allegory as a narrative of reading, reading as an identification of the gap between the reference and the referent, literalism, and resistance to theory.

Short Story Writing – How to Develop Strong Characters Quickly

Have you ever had a character in your head but didn’t know how to manifest and translate into a character that actually you can work with? No worries, this simple formula can show you how to develop strong character in no time.

Short Story Writing – How to Develop a Theme

Developing a theme may seem easy at first, however when you actually get to doing this it can be a little tricky. Especially when you start to add another aspect of your story to the mix. However, not to worry there is an easy process on how to develop a theme quickly and to perfection.

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