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Inspiration for Creative Writers From Artists

Honesty and truthfulness – these are the outstanding virtues of a great artist. And as a creative writer I have in recent times found strong challenges and inspiration from two contemporary artists, Grayson Perry and Tracy Emin.

3 Main Points to Consider When Breaking Down a Writing Project

There are as varied ways to break down a writing project as there candy brands. Some people will break their writing project into big chunks of information while others may break them down in smaller yet several chunks. How a project is broken down is also determined by the writing strategies acquired by the writer, some of us will jump in with both feet while others will…

3 Excellent Reasons to Hire a Professional Editor

If you’re in the process of revising and editing your final manuscript for submission to a publisher, you may want to consider hiring an editor. Experience has taught some of us that even though we’re writers, we’re prone to make honest mistakes in grammatical structure, in the use of tenses, and yes, even in our word choices.

Inspiration for Creative Writers From Music

An essential quality for great music is versatility, the power to adapt and appeal to many across boundaries of culture, class, circumstance, life event, mood, emotional state. And as a creative writer I was reminded of this truth in an intriguing twist to my research.

How to Maintain Your 3 Greatest Writing Assets

Have you given much thought to the assets we posses as writers? If we don’t properly maintain our three greatest writing assets we could lose big time on a luxurious and/or lucrative writing assignment. And if we lose out, it’s more likely because we’ve neglected our three greatest writing assets; don’t let that happen to you.

10 Writing Opportunities During The Holidays

During the end of the year, many writers take a break from the rigor of their writing projects. Some are preparing their New Year’s Writing Resolutions and calendar of monthly events for upcoming submissions. There is no doubt that the holiday season will bring about many topics to write some juicy or inspiring stories, articles or blogs about.

Why There Is No End to the Making of Books and Blogs

It’s well said: ‘If there’s any way, short of shooting yourself, to stop you from writing a book, do that thing!’ That famous directive hasn’t made a dent in the production of books since the invention of writing. I think the explanation is obvious.

Small Poems

Read these three short poems about Love. They are somehow sad poems. The first poem is titled “Life’s Endless Spin,” the second poem is titled “The Hippie Dancer,” and the third short love poem is titled “I’ll Make It Up to You.”

How to Be a Writer – Is This You?

Many people think that writing is one of the simplest occupations there could be. it simply involves making things up, right? Wrong. It takes quite a lot more than that, and I’m not even talking about the necessary talent for making words come alive. Have you ever wanted the inside story? Here it is.

How to Create Fiction Middle-Grade Readers Will Love

To write fiction that kids 9-12 will love is no easy task. Here are my top four secrets to succeeding in this genre, including what it takes to create a great hero or heroine.

Why Writers Should Consider Getting Involved In Community Theater

If you’re an aspiring fiction writer, your local community theater can serve as a training ground. Working on plays can teach you about dialogue, dramatic structure, characters, and writing scenes.

Why Good Middle-Grade Heroes Matter

If you’re writing a novel for children, can you make your main character evil? Here’s my take on this touchy subject.

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