Learn Story Structure: Creative Writing Lessons by the Write Channel

In Medias Res

“In the midst of affairs” is the literal Latin translation, but it is easier to remember “in the middle of things”. That is what I’ve read writers must do in order to get readers interested in their piece.

Find a Book Writer

Please be sure that when you hire a book writer, you establish a wonderful, caring and considerate personal relationship with your writer or editor. Depending on your needs, you may be hiring a professional to rewrite or edit your already existing book manuscript, or to work solely from your notes and a simple book outline. But no matter what, you must believe in your professional when you hire a book writer.

English Writing – Recognizing and Defining Types of Humour

How to establish the comedy style of your writing. Defining the different types of humour.

Must Love Plants

This is a humorous essay about shopping for plants with my parents on Father’s Day. It was originally published on my blog.

How to Write a Novel in Just 3 Days

I wrote a novel in just 3 days, and so can you. It’s easier than you think!

7 Compelling Reasons To Tell Your Story

Life is fun. At least, it’s too short not to be fun. If you’re over the age of eighteen and loving life – in spite of it’s challenges and obstacles – and having fun, then you have a story to tell. We all have a story to tell. Here are seven compelling reasons to tell yours:

The Day After Yesterday: My Trip to a Small Town Vet

“Does she have cancer?” was all I thought as my uncle drove down the highway on a misty Tuesday morning. The rain from the night before left thick fog in the air, and the elevation of the Blue Ridge mountains made me feel we were driving through the clouds.

Structure and Splurge

Carers often need to protect their own well-being and to express pent-up emotion, frustration and stress. Practical permissions to ease your daily round can help. Journal-keeping can help. But journal-keeping can also involve some permissions directly-related to self-care.

I Am Not the World’s Greatest Writer

Being the best at writing would be nice, but there are uncelebrated rewards simply for doing what we love to do. This is my true story of living the dream. More importantly, it’s how you can live yours.

Why Is Creative Writing Important?

Writing is a cultivated skill. Creativity and constant practice is what makes it an art. Writing has always been a powerful means of expression.

The Untold Approach in Content Creating

People today are motivated by simple, selfless and transparent content. As an expert social media strategist/content writer you will be required to tap into those motivations and connect them to the product or service you believe can help customers in the best possible way.

The Importance of the First Chapter

The first chapter, in my opinion, is the most important chapter in any book. In my years of writing speculative fiction, I have found that there are eight (8) essential elements developed and implemented in the first chapter that will help the author publish and sell his books.

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