How to Use Your 5 Senses In Writing

Charmingly Written Article 10, Learn to Be A Good Listener

It is easy to read something quickly and interpret it in whatever way suits you or in whatever way you read it the first time. Your readers will be much more likely to read your column again if you actually listen to what they are saying.

Charmingly Written Article 7, Once Online You Cannot Take It Back

Once online, you can not take it back. In our electronic world, that goes beyond the written word. Just look at some of the devastating events that have resulted from videos gone viral or blogs or social media postings gone viral. Even if they won’t admit it and are stuffing it inside where they do not have to think about it, I am certain there are people out there young and old who wish they had done things differently or who wish they had at least not aired their thoughts and feelings for the world to see. They are building up the “tough wall” now to protect themselves from feeling the guilt or the sadness and that tough wall will soon hide the softness and “humanness”.

Don’t Go Fishing When The Stove Is On – How To Prepare Your Ideas For Inspiration

Ideas form the basis for any piece of work and they come more often than a writer may be willing to admit. This does not mean however that the writer is willing to immediately begin the painstaking task of turning the idea into a manuscript, poem, article or any other form of artistic expression.. What a writer needs to do is to have a little mobile method of documentation like a book of ideas in which he or she can quickly, but clearly document ideas in a way that preserves the idea in the mind.

Charmingly Written Article 1, How to Add Charm to Your Article

Charm is a necessary part of writing. Charm is a collection of pleasing attributes that make a person likeable or desirable to spend time with. That is what every author wants – to have people want to spend time reading what she or he has put into words. Just as we can learn to be charming as a person, we can learn to be charming in our writing. This is the first in a series of articles about adding charm to our article writing.

Charmingly Written Article 2, How to Make People Feel Interesting in an Article

This is the second article in the series of articles about adding charm to your article (or your blog). Although these articles are pointed towards writing, the person reading them would benefit from applying the tips provided to any aspect of their life.

Charmingly Written Article 3, Talk In A Friendly Manner

When writing, do you write the same way that you normally speak? If you talk differently than the way you would normally talk, it may come across as stiff and formal rather than friendly and natural.

Charmingly Written Article 5, Be Interested In Topics That Are Interesting To Others

If you learn what interests others and write about those things, your readership will increase and you will automatically become a more interesting person. Imagine the influence your articles can have when they include topics that a whole new group of readers will be reading? Sure, you may lose a few readers from your old groups, but if your topics are varied enough, before long, your readership may include a much greater variety of people and a much greater number overall.

POW! Knock Readers Flat On Their Faces

Learn about the sucker punch of the fiction writer. Get your readers interested from the very first word.

Building Characters for Your Novel – How to Get Readers to Care

The most important single element in your novel is your characters. How can you build people that will capture the imagination of your readers? What details will draw your audience into the story and make them keep reading?

6 Tips to Create Characters Your Readers Can Relate To

Anyone can write a good fiction novel. However, the key to making a good novel a great novel is the ability to draw in readers by making the characters real. The reader needs to feel for the characters, whether good or bad. Find out how you can easily create real, living breathing characters that your readers can relate to.

Authors, Build Your Plan and Successfully Publish Your Book

There are several critical steps you need to master before you write anything. The steps might seem too simple to be helpful, but if you don’t follow a proven method, you will quickly run into difficulty and your book will go nowhere. Your first task is to make a plan that will keep you on track while you are creating your book.

How You Can Write Better, Smarter and Clearer For Profit

Writing has often been seen as both a hobby and a business. Many people write diaries and notes in journals and they may do that for many years. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson are good examples. Another is Eleanor Roosevelt. In fact you may be doing that right now for your own reasons. As for me…

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