Happy with my sales? And other 🔥 questions | Winter Q&A pt 1

What Is That Twinkle in Her Eye?

Your memoir about your mother matters, no question about it. The short, true story you will write to capture your mother’s character to keep her spirit alive for future generations will be invaluable one day. Not to mention how valuable it will be now for you to write this bio-vignette (but that’s something we will discuss at another time).

Writing Science Fiction

When writing science fiction, the writer has to go further than fiction to the plausibility of science. Science fiction (SF) is theoretically plausible and can be set in a world of the author’s creation. The protagonist should struggle but have a fair chance to succeed and overpower the antagonist or antagonists, whether they are visitors from another planet or beings or humans in an alternate or future reality.

The Art of Writing Articles

Writing is really a gift. A natural talent is a real boon for the writer. But writing can be learnt and cultivated.

How to Write Horror

This article looks at how to write horror stories. The importance of suspense, tension and suggestion are discussed.

Five Tips on How to Make Your Fictional Characters Engaging

So you’ve begun your novel and perhaps you’ve already had lots of ideas for your characters. They will probably be a composite of different people you’ve met in the past, or even different aspects of yourself. But how do you make them engaging? And not just the hero, but several characters? – and dare I say it, even the main antagonist or villain? Because no-one is completely good or completely bad; and for a villain to be truly convincing there must be some elements of the character which the reader can either recognise, relate to, or even empathise with – yes, even Gollum and Voldemort!

How To Get Atmosphere Into Your Writing

So, you live in downtown Manhattan and you want to write a book set in the Old West? That’s called creative writing and a lot of the fun involved with writing is using your imagination, and being able to launch the reader into that time period so they will find themselves riveted to the page as they read.

How To Write a Novel Set In Another Time

Whatever time period you chose for your next best seller, it has to be set somewhere and if the book isn’t a contemporary one, then you and you alone have to make it feel real. Gather up any information you can, whether it’s on the web or in a library or from your own books, and jot down notes or copy everything you can get your hands on. For instance, if your book is to be set in Ancient Egypt, then study hieroglyphics, monuments and pyramids, and even all you wanted to ever know about mummy making (as an example).

So You Want to Write a Novel!

So you want to write a novel and you are searching the internet for ideas. The greatest pitfall is procrastination. Learn the important things and start writing. Research, plan and start writing and you are on your way to achieving your goal.

Using Vampires As Inspiration For Creative Writing

This article explores the phenomenon of vampires gaining popularity in mainstream media thanks to vampire themed shows such as The Vampire Diaries and Twilight. This article also discusses how the vampire genre can be used as a catalyst of inspiration for creative writing.

How to Write a Novel – Step One: Determining Your Motivations

You have a story to tell that’s been floating around in your head, and you’re finally going to take that next, big step. You’re going to sit down and write your first novel. But how do you do it? How do you write a compelling, original, well-crafted novel that people are going to want to read? This is the first in a series of eight articles that will help explain how do it and guide your through the entire process from pre-writing to final draft.

What Sort of Writing Help Do You Need?

Before you begin searching for writing help make sure you understand what you need. Such services range from simple proofreading to complete rewriting and ghostwriting. How do they differ?

Do You Need a Writer?

Writing is mostly rewriting and revising. Many writers do a fine job of laying in the story in the first draft but prefer to have a professional put on the finishing touches. That’s when you need a writer who has proven his rewriting and polishing abilities.

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