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Using Historical Figures in Creative Writing

Writing any kind of book or even short stories used to be a long and tiresome task, with the use of a manual typewriter. But nowadays with computers, spell checkers and other tools, you don’t even have to submit it to a printer for publishing. As through the internet you are now able to publish it directly onto the internet, and even have it available for the Kindle Reader.

Character Development and the Myers-Briggs

One of the most useful tips I can give to a writer is this: be a scholar of people. What do I mean by this? To have a realistic story, you must have realistic characters.

How Much Written Detail Is Enough?

Writers have great intentions when writing. There is a basic suggestion that helped me as I developed my styles. That is, not to provide too much detail. Let the reader’s imagination work.

Can I Write a Novel?

There are many who believe that everyone has at least a book in them. As you most probably know, some people have hundreds of books in them. For me it was just a matter of starting and persevering until my first book appeared. If you are like the majority of people, you will think that you can write a book but it may not have become a priority in your life yet. The only way to change it is to do it!

Should I Write a Novel Now?

The greatest place to begin anything is at the start. Any one who writes needs to just get on with it.

What Matters When You Write?

The most important advice for writers is to write something that the readers enjoys. Let your creative juices flow and make your works exciting. You can always fix up the “problems” mater.

What Makes a Good Book?

The answer to the question about whether a book is “good” or “bad” is important. Try to understand the factors that make your book for the readers who will access your book. Take the positive and negative criticism as a guide only.

What Are the Benefits of Writing Novels?

Writing novels brings many rewards but they are different for every writer. Discover your motivation!

Creative Content Writing: Its Lucrative Professional Aspects and Literary Values

In the corporate field writers have their own coveted positions. In the modern e-commerce scenario, creative content writing has emerged as a lucrative profession.

Developing a Tactical Mindset – A Brief Overview

A tactical mindset is a personal, private and individualistic perception of extraordinary self-interest. This is positive and proactive posture for interpersonal interaction with others. That is to say, when you leave your “safe house”. Family, friends and those you frolic with, naturally require different options for defensive tactics.

Banishing Writer’s Block

I don’t believe in writer’s block, but here is how to overcome it, if you think it is real. Let’s say you’re writing a memoir about your mother that will convey her character on the written page so future generations will someday have the opportunity to get a glimpse of her spirit. Furthermore, you have decided on the event or anecdote you will use to write your true story, but you can’t seem to move beyond thinking about writing your telling tale to actually writing it.

Creative Writing And Blogging – 6 Advantages Of Using Creative Writing Tips For Building Your Blog

Read on to find out how you can combine 6 powerful creative writing advantages with blog building tips to enjoy high quality traffic that leads to greater sales conversions. These tips really work!

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